Pipe Line CCTV

CCTV inspection service for sewer and other sector

Pipeline CCTV Survey is very much essential to know the inside condition of the Pipelines where personal can't inspect and identify the defects or repairing solution. Our CCTV investigations identify problems before they become serious, saving your unnecessary further expense in the future. It helps you to Identify the exact location of the defects

Area of operation

  • Sewer and drain
  • Surface drain
  • Water line
  • Gas line

How the CCTV Sewer/storm inspection is done

Pre-cleaning is performed to the sewer/storm pipeline before proceeding with the CCTV inspection survey.

Cleaning sewer/storm networks includes flushing and removal all silt, sand debris, stones, roots, coarse material and other foreign materials

The CCTV robot crawler will carry out CCTV with digital video and 180 degree tilt and turn method

The CCTV system survey is based on distance interval screenshots, where the camera will capture images using the 180 degree digital video

Scalable and customized reports can be produced, to meet the clients satisfaction.

The CCTV survey is one man job. The CCTV crawler has a powered tractor system to move in & out inside the pipeline /manhole and can be towed back to the CCTV vehicle, thus avoiding the confined space entry & ensuring safety and ease of mind for the job procedure.

One team of igeine is capable of suevey and reporting up to 500m per day per shift.

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