Mechanical Desilting

Mechanical Desilting

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, an educational and research organisation, found that 80% of the workers who are having exposure to toxic gases, sewer or confined space working, die before age 60. Also found that many workers died during manual cleaning sewer/drain lines. Igiene have Sophisticated High Water Pressure Jetting and High Volume Suction Machinery and Experienced Manpower to carry out Mechanical Cleaning for different Industries. The Mechanised cleaning provides 100% Cleaning with Zero Accident.

Operation and maintenance of Sewer networks

The cleaning method starts by snowmobiling the Igiene Jetting truck and suction truck, capable of jetting up to 267 litre/min of pressurized water that can go up to 200 bar

In case of high flow, air plugs are used to block the sewer line section that needs to be cleaned or over pumping and bypass methods are used, as to secure and retrieve the water used, to the flush the sewer line section.

Utmost safety precautions should be followed while inflating the stoppers. Proper ventilation should be provided to avoid concentration of hazardous gases developed while disturbing sewer water during cleaning process.

Using special nozzle, that travels forward using the jetting truck high pressure jet which rarefies or liquefying the adamant or build up material including all big and small stones and other sediments

On the way back the nozzle jets huge amount of water generated by the jetting truck pushes back all rocks and sediments to the starting manhole. Meanwhile, the truck suction hose sucks all rarefied and other materials.

Using Igiene Jetting and suction trucks, sewerage is sucked by means of vacuum through the suction hose in to the sludge tank.

Advantage of using Igiene Strom & Drain line cleaning service

Safe work environment, minimum risk of injury.

The Strom & Drain line cleaning process can be a two or three man job. No need for any confined space entry.

One team of Igiene is capable of cleaning uo to 400 meters per day per shift. This allows advanced cleaning speed in an efficient manner

Surface Drain and gully cleaning

Road gullies are used within carriageway as a method of collecting surface water and discharge to a drain.

There are a number of reasons that we clear gullies including

Highway safety allowing drainage of water from the road surface to reduce surface water sitting on the road

Open drain and surface drain clening is a part of those cleaning process

Reducing the risk of flooding

Means of Operation

Igiene provides compact unit built on a sweeper or a suction vehicle

The suction is done by the means of a size DN 150 suction hose

The negative pressure is created by a sweeper blower or by vacuum device

The splashed sludge can be cleaning by a small high pressure pistol

Advantage of using Igiene gully cleaning service

Surface drain & gully cleaning is a two or three man job, safe work environment and minimized risk of injury

One team of Igiene is capacity of emptying approximately 80 gully pits per day per shift. This allows advanced cleaning speed in an efficient manner. download